5 Types of Creativity You Should Be Using In Your Next Campaign

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The best way to describe creative design is that it’s the art of making something out of nothing, or in other words – taking an idea and turning it into something useful with a purpose. It can be as simple as creating an online casino en ligne logo from scratch or re-designing a website based on the client’s needs. There are many types of creativity you should be using in your next marketing campaign:

1. Visual Design

The visual design comes in four different forms; print, digital, motion graphics, video and web. Print is arguably the most accessible form of visual design, whereas motion graphics are more difficult to grasp because it has less tangible qualities like sound and animation. Web design and graphic design fall under visual design.

2. Visceral Design

Visual design encompasses every aspect of how a message appears to its audience. The visceral design takes advantage of both verbal and nonverbal communication methods to convey messages and influence decisions. For example, when you see people reading while eating food, they are using both verbal (reading) and nonverbal (eating) techniques to communicate their response to the text. Similarly, when watching television commercials, we use our eyes to absorb information about products as well as watch the actors and actresses interacting with each other.

3. Digital Design

In today’s world, everyone is connected through gadgets and mobile phones. The average person spends hours daily communicating on his/her phone. As such, designers have had to figure out ways to make these devices work hard. One of the biggest challenges in designing for technology was making sure the user interface would remain consistent across multiple platforms and operating systems. This means designing websites that will look good on computers, tablets and smartphones.

4. Interactive Media Design

Interactive media design can be used to create interactive websites, animated videos and applications. An application is essentially software designed to help users perform certain tasks. Some common examples include calculators, music players, books and games. These days, interactive media design is being used by almost all sectors of the economy. Today, businesses even rely heavily on this type of creativity. This is why interactive media designers have developed some unique tools. With the rise of social networks, companies need to get creative with how they interact with customers. Social media provides platforms where they can share content with their fans. They also encourage interaction between consumers and provide them with opportunities to engage.

5. Motion Graphics Design

Motion graphics are becoming increasingly important for brands in today’s market. A few years ago, the only thing to do was to come up with a catchy jingle or slogan. However, now creatives are utilizing new technologies to develop original animations and moving images.